What Is the Conflict in Rules of the Game

The first real signs of conflict appear when Waverly begins to play with his brother`s chess game. It will be good, then very good, then super-incredibly good, then super-champion-national-good. Mama transfers her passive-aggressive interference strictly to Waverly`s chess game, so Waverly must do her best to master not only chess, but also her mother`s head sections. Checkmate, child. Tan starts with the basic setup and gives us the things we need to know before something happens. Waverly lives with his family in Chinatown. They are poor but happy, and although mom may be a pain in the buttocks, she is not a monster. Waverly takes the time to tell us about the details of her life, like the smell of the bakery under her apartment and how she and her brothers think bad people come out of the restaurant at night. This is not a book with a concrete crisis – there is no great battle and Darth Vader does not cut off anyone`s hand – but there is certainly a dramatic breakup.

Waverly constantly improves at chess and in return receives benefits, such as never having to do household chores. It`s a shame that she can no longer be a child, thanks to her mother`s obsession with her success. After blowing up his battery on Mom, Waverly runs away. However, the joke is about her, as she is nine years old and has nowhere to go except in the alley. The big break has happened, we have reached the peak, and now we just need to find out something about the effects. We`ll have to wait until Waverly stops working first. The situation is not improved by the fact that Mama presents Waverly as her personal chess master trophy for everyone. Finally, Waverly lashes out at mom, mom panics at Waverly`s house and an unhappy old lady`s errands disappear. When Tan finishes the story, it doesn`t end with a cute little bow. Waverly comes home, but Mom gives her a cold shoulder. No soup for her – in the truest sense of the word – and she has to imagine a life alone in her room. What`s next? We are not sure.

The rest of the Joy Luck Club can tell us, but “Rules of the Game” is happy to let the secret be. .