What Is a Support Letter for Court

It is important to remember that a letter of referral for a DUI defendant is an official document in court. Therefore, make sure that it looks professional and that its content is what you believe to be true. In general, however, a letter of support should be positive, professional and sophisticated. In all cases, a letter of support for a hearing should be organized and formatted in the same way as a letter of recommendation for a person seeking employment. The third paragraph should acknowledge the defendant`s error and, if necessary, mention any steps he has taken to change his life. Be sure to mention that you believe in that person`s ability to reform and respect the court`s decision. It is also a good idea to mention any relevant conversations you may have had with the defendant about this turn of events. First paragraph: Explain who you are. Next, explain how you know the person you`re writing the character letter for, including how long and how well you knew them. The conclusion must summarize the subject of the letter and he or she must write down his or her contact information (telephone and email) in case the court wishes to pursue any of the information proposed in the letter.

Before writing a letter of support to the court, it`s a good idea to speak to the party`s lawyer to learn more about the issues in dispute and how your letter can best support this case. Ask what specific qualities, features, or information would be most useful. As you prepare the first draft of your letter, think about experiences shared in the past that would help you demonstrate these qualities in detail. Alternatively, you can deliver the letter to the party`s lawyer, who can then properly file the letter with the court. Judges are not allowed to read unsolicited emails, so if the letter of support has not been requested, it may be a more efficient way to deliver. The specific positive characteristics that the letter focuses on vary depending on the type of audience or case. If the person is involved in a custody case, emphasize qualities such as compassion, communication, and parenting skills. If the letter supports a criminal accused, highlight traits such as charity, humility, and a sense of personal responsibility for the person. The welcome begins with your actual letter. Again, you need to consult with the defendant or their lawyer. In this example, we use a formal greeting.

The greeting should be placed two lines below the subject line above. If there is no subject line, it should be placed two lines below the date. The person who will read the letters is the sentencing judge. Therefore, it is important to understand what is important to a judge. First of all, it`s important to keep in mind that even though this is your first time going through federal criminal proceedings, the judge has likely dealt with hundreds of criminal convictions. This means that the judge is unlikely to be emotional about a criminal conviction. And while a loved one going to jail can be a devastating emotional experience for you, the judge has probably seen similar situations hundreds of times. For this reason, judges tend to believe that the emotional harm done to a family is part of almost every criminal case and that it was the defendant who caused it by breaking the law. In other words, emotional appeals about the accused`s family missing and needing their loved one usually don`t work because judges are immune to them and believe it`s the accused`s fault. Child Custody – If you are in the midst of a custody dispute or a general family hearing, it is recommended that you choose someone who has seen you with your children. In recent years, it has been more common for a psychiatrist to supervise children around parents and ask them to write a formal recommendation to the court.

In a family case, a letter from a psychiatrist has enormous appeal when it comes to the court`s decision in favor of the best interests of the child. Instead, focus on telling a story about the defendant, as described above. Among the expressions you can use is the following statement: “I respect the fact that a jury has found ___ guilty of the crime ______. I am writing this letter to give a more complete picture of who_____ is as a person. This way, you can show respect for the criminal justice system while showing the court that your loved one deserves a reduction in sentence. In many types of criminal cases, the moral character and reputation of the defendant may be relevant to the resolution of the case. In such cases, letters of support or character references may be used as evidence to request a favourable decision. B for example a lighter sentence or probation. Support letters are also used in court proceedings to determine custody and related matters where a parent`s suitability may be questioned. The type of procedure usually determines the type of letter that is most useful and appropriate. Immigration Character Reference Letter – For someone entering court specifically for immigration purposes. You may also be asked to appear in court to explain the contents of your letter to the judge or judge.

Collecting letters of support is only one aspect of preparing for a national sentencing hearing. Much remains to be done to achieve a fair and equitable outcome. If you or a loved one in Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Sherman, Waco, or Del Rio, are charged with a federal crime, you should contact an experienced and experienced federal criminal defense attorney in Dallas who is familiar with federal criminal procedures and the handling of federal sanctions. A criminal charge at the federal level is extremely serious. Hire someone who is willing, willing and able to diligently protect the rights of the accused. When choosing a person to write a character reference, it is important to choose someone who has known you for a long time and also someone that the court respects. For example, it`s best if you can ask someone in the community like a teacher who saw you grow up as a person to write a good court reference. Character letters must include your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address so that the court can verify your information. They must be addressed either to the honourable [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME] or to the judge [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME]. Although you can put the file number on the letter, this is not mandatory as it is submitted by the lawyer. If you have been asked to write a character letter, this simple template can be a useful guide. However, it`s important to include only those features or details that you can write about with first-hand authority.

In other words, the group may be a devoted parent with excellent parenting skills, but if you don`t have personal experience or observations that prove these skills, you shouldn`t include them in the letter. The introduction should indicate who you are, how long you have known the person, and why you feel the need to make this recommendation to the court. If you plan to ask a specific “question” at the end of your letter, make sure you understand the possible penalties for the crime in question. In Kentucky, there are mandatory minimum requirements for certain crimes, for example. B repeat offenders. Check with the lawyer before asking for a specific sentence to maintain your credibility as a writer. Third paragraph: Thank the court and ask your “question”. Indicate that you are available to confirm the facts in this letter if necessary. The lawyer should also be able to provide you with all relevant information, including the file number, the name of the judge and the postal address of the court.

Read more: How to Write a Letter of Support to a Judge For more information on what should be included in a letter of support, talk to the client`s lawyer or read the VLA guide to write a character reference. While letters from family members are important, almost all accused persons can receive letters of support from family members. Judges see them all the time. Therefore, it is often very helpful to receive letters of support from people who are also not family members. These should come from people who actually know the accused and can talk about him. From my experience as a federal criminal defense attorney, aside from the seriousness of the crime, which a letter of support cannot affect, the most important thing for judges is whether the accused was generally a good person, aside from the fact that he or she committed that crime, and whether the accused is likely to commit other crimes after his release from prison. So how can a letter of support convince a judge of these things? The letter must be formatted and designed as professional or commercial correspondence. It must therefore be entered, with the address of the sender and the date of the letter printed on top. The address of the court seised of the case in question must be indicated below the date with a related statement of reasons. A good character letter can be incredibly helpful in the case of a defendant. Writing such a letter can be challenging, especially for those who do not have experience with the criminal justice system.

Read on to learn more about how to write a top-notch letter of support. Nevertheless, this list should give you a solid foundation for what would contain useful condemnation letters. The general message of a character message should be to tell a story about the accused. Think about what makes your friend, family member or colleague more than just a “defendant” and how you can take that to court. .