At the start of my research into the life and work of A.T.W. Penn, I knew absolutely nothing about the man.  But I was spurred on by the example of the biographer Richard Holmes. `”Biography” meant a book about someone’s life’, Holmes writes in Footsteps (p. 27), ‘only, for me, it was to become a kind of pursuit, a tracking of the physical trail of someone’s path through the past, a following of footsteps. You would never catch them; no, you would never quite catch them. But maybe, if you were lucky, you might write about the pursuit of that fleeting figure in such a way as to bring it alive in the present’. So, you will find below notes, or Cuttings, from newspapers of the time describing topical events and Sightings which are mentions in the newspaper of Penn’s work and what he was doing.

Also included here are Book Appendices, giving information which was too extensive to be included in the published book.