Masulah boat, Madras

Masulah boat

Madras (and illegible word probably masullah, verso)

Albumen print 13.9 x 19.0 cm with rounded corners (01.43.002 Masullah Boat). “Fishermen in Madras,1890s” Masullah boat Madras. 10 oarsmen sitting holding their oars, one man standing holding steering paddle. LH man holding prow of catamaran. Madras pier on the horizon LH and two boats in the roads. Photograph taken in the same session as 02.10.001 (Catamaran Madras) as shown by the prow of the catamaran and a catamariner on the right of the masullah boat and the identical boat on the horizon in both photographs. Duplicate of Y3022G – 62, which has the catalogue number written on the page of the album. Unsigned, unnumbered.