Yet by The Avengers 300, where they were scheduled to join the

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cheap replica handbags On December 30, 2013, the family appealed the decision to the Second District, California Courts of Appeal[30] and the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, calling for the hospital to continue life support measures until other arrangements could be made by the family for the girl’s care.[33] McMath’s mother argued that applying the Uniform Determination of Death Act to the case was a violation of constitutional religious and privacy rights[34] and that because Jahi’s heart was still beating, she was still alive.[35] Byrne stated in court documents that he witnessed McMath moving in the hospital and that he considered her to be alive.[36] The hospital stated that it would be unethical and “grotesque” to require the hospital and its doctors to provide further medical care to a dead body[37] and said that Byrne was “a crusader with an ideology based bias”[3] The hospital also said that Lazarus signs are not uncommon in cases of brain death.[34] After the hospital and McMath’s family engaged in settlement talks, an agreement was facilitated in which McMath could be released from Children’s Hospital, with the ventilator and her intravenous fluid lines, to the custody of her mother, but the United States District Court for the Northern District of California denied the family’s petition to require hospital staff to perform a tracheostomy and insert a feeding tube.[25]On January 5, 2014, Children’s Hospital released McMath’s body to the Alameda County coroner. The coroner’s office had issued an official death certificate for McMath on January 3, 2014, with the date of death listed High Quality Replica Belts as December 12, 2013. The death certificate was incomplete, pending an autopsy to determine cause of death.[38] After receiving custody of her body from Children’s Hospital, the Coroner then released her to the custody of her mother, who was warned of and assumed all risk regarding cardiac arrest during the transfer.[39][40][41] The family moved the girl to an undisclosed location where a tracheostomy was performed and a feeding tube was inserted.[42]This case has prompted some commentators to discuss the futility of life support in such cases and even refer to it as “death support”.[43] Other questions that have been raised include how California law treats brain death and whether McMath’s case could change existing laws and practices.[44] McMath’s attorney, Christopher Dolan said, “There would have been no legal battle if Jahi had had her tonsils out in New Jersey”, referring to a New Jersey state law allowing religious objection to a declaration of death on the basis of neurological criteria.[45] Public confusion surrounding differences between brain death and cardiac death raised by this case led some doctors to voice concern about how the case could affect live organ recovery from brain dead patients.[46] The impact of this case on medical negligence awards in California has also been discussed, as there is no compensation limit if the patient is alive, while compensation is capped at $250,000 if the patient has died.[47]In March 2014, the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network awarded McMath’s family an annual award. cheap replica handbags

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