The rest of the characters and the setting find their place

This position is commonly cited as one of the more popular sex positions, especially by women, because of its ability to adequately stimulate the clitoris. The woman will align her vagina with the man’s erect penis, and lower herself onto the penis with either the man or the woman guiding the penis into the woman’s vagina for penetration.[1] With the erect penis inside the woman, the woman can glide up and down the man’s penis,[3][4] controlling the rhythm and pace of vaginal stimulation and the extent and duration of penetration.[1] The woman is free to change her position ranging from leaning back to stretching out on her partner’s chest to rocking from side to side or in a circular motion. Each of those changes would alter the angle and depth of penetration and which part of the vaginal area and sex organs are stimulated.

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