The Hudson Mills Golf Course is recommended by 97

canada goose clearance Around 80 people met the evening of Wednesday, July 19 in the cafeteria of Creekside Intermediate School in Dexter to brainstorm ideas and talk with officials about what has been done so far to boost usage and awareness of the Hudson Mills Golf Course.Some suggestions included scheduling more tournaments and golf scrambles, leasing or reducing the number of golf carts, adding a driving range, incorporating practice areas, increasing hours at the clubhouse and building a more robust marketing strategy.”These are all possibilities and we’re here tonight to gauge canada goose outlet your support for any and all of these,” said Nina Kelly, manager of planning for the Huron Clinton Metroparks.The possible closure of the golf course was brought up in an effort to revise the park’s master plan. Hudson Mills Metropark is about 12 miles northwest of Ann Arbor and covers about 1,500 acres of land and river.David Kirbach, deputy director for the Huron Clinton Metroparks, said he and his staff have observed how passionate the residents of Dexter are about the golf course, and said there has been no decision made to close Hudson Mills.An earlier public meeting held July 5 drew around 180 people, 141 of which wrote on comments sheets they are in support of keeping the golf course open, according to Kelly.A draft of the Hudson Mills Metropark master plan states the golf course has struggled recently because of “declining interest in golf, competition in the surrounding area, and aging infrastructure.”The draft is included in the May documents reviewed by the HCMA’s Board of Commissioners.Georgia Alder, of Freedom Township, and Leslie Kleinstiver, of Pinckney, play in the Huron Valley Women’s Golf Canada Goose Outlet Club at Hudson Mills and attended the meeting to show their support for the course.”We’ve been together a long time and we want to stay together,” Alder said about the league, which has been in swing for about 10 years.Alder said she believes the golf course is no longer drawing as many people or leagues because of the looming cloud of a possible closure.”The public thinks it is definitely closing,” Alder said.Both Alder and Kleinstiver said league contracts are overly intricate and could be streamlined to encourage more group play.”There is stupid stuff in there that if someone reads, no one would want to sign that contract,” Alder said.Despite multiple calls for a driving range voiced at the meeting, Kleinstiver doesn’t think the addition would bring in the additional golfers the course needs.Dan Bicknell, of Scio Township, brought a document with him that shows ratings by website Golf Advisor. The Hudson Mills Golf Course is recommended by 97.4 percent Cheap Canada Goose of users on Golf Advisor, canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose he pointed out.”These numbers speak volumes,” Bicknell said.His suggestion would be to eliminate asphalt on the golf cart paths and instead use a more natural trail, as well as encourage users to walk the course.”It’s a course you can walk,” said Bicknell, who played a round at Hudson Mills this week. canada goose clearance

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