Styrene a chemical found in polystyrene is a known animal

In a letter to the board dated yesterday, Mr. Greenberg said: “I previously stated my intention not to stand for re election to the board. My decision to resign now results from my inability to receive information regarding the company and its operations necessary to fulfill my fiduciary duties.

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Replica Hermes Bags Tierney said the continued use of alum “would appear to indicate seriously deficient conditions in the Catskill portion of the New York City Watershed.” Mr. Tierney also said in the letter that the city’s alum use violated state water quality standards and effectively turned one of its reservoirs, where the alum clumps accumulate, into “a chemical sludge settling pond” that smothered aquatic life and would at some point need to be dredged at considerable expense.Ms. Lloyd said the city had used alum from time to time over the last century without any impact on water quality Replica Hermes Bags.