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Designer Valentino Replica In the third stage, children have gained the ability to conserve, and recognize that height and width do not affect amount.[3] Conservers believe more firmly in their answers on conservation tasks, when paired with nonconservers as partners, and they are able to offer multiple explanations and are more likely to manipulate the task materials to prove their point than nonconservers.[6]In many cases, training tasks are successful in teaching non conserving children to correctly complete conservation tasks.[5] Children as young as four years of age can be trained to conserve using operant training; this involves repeating conservation tasks and reinforcing correct responses while correcting incorrect responses.[7] The effects of training on one conservation task (such as conservation of liquid) often transfer to other conservation tasks.[5]In connection with education[edit]Research shows that conserving children demonstrate greater fluency in separately timed addition and subtraction problems than non conserving children.[8] This research highlights the importance of logical reversible thought, an element necessary to conserve, as being a critical component to a child’s ability to perform inverse mathematical problems fluently (5 2=7; 7 5=2). For nonconserving children, research indicates that teachers should engage with children and ask them questions often about objects in their surrounds to encourage the development of more logical thinking.[9]Most studies indicate that conservation occurs in a similar stages across cultures, but that there are differences in the rate at which conservation (and other cognitive abilities) are acquired across cultures. And Zambian female adolescents found no difference in between their ability to correctly answer conservation of weight tasks.[10] Another study looked at children from many countries (Australia, Netherlands, England, New Zealand, Poland, and Uganda) and tested for the ages at which conservation appears. Designer Valentino Replica

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