Just plain access to birth control isn (and has never been

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iphone x cases It a safety net, not primary care, but it provides services people need.I don think you could have linked a more biased siteAccess to birth control has been linked to decreased unwanted pregnancies in nearly every study done, the fact that this (extremely biased) site was able to find a few that disagreed does not challenge that fact.Just plain access to birth control isn (and has never been claimed to) be enough. Access to effective birth control is most important, with the IUD being the most effective and should be available freelyColorado new free IUD program led to ridiculously low rates of teen pregnancy and abortions compared to the national rateWe seen dramatic decreases in both unwanted pregnancies and abortions ever since 2010. Guess what happened in 2010? Obamacare.So yes, regardless of what your extremely biased site seems to say, access to effective birth control absolutely reduces unwanted pregnancies and abortions.Are you saying that because having sex with someone is equated to marrying them a person can just have sex with whoever he wants to, becuase it always sex to a spouse, so it not a sin?That only works one time iphone x cases.