I told the media at the time: “Hong Chung-chiu

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not want to run health injuries, must have a basic understanding of the running: former
running, should first physical activity detection, as long as the action can not meet the standards, do not force running. Furthermore, we must understand the correct running posture, so run effortlessly, but pernicious.

before running physical activity detection

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The most unique feature of this event is inviting physicians to run the delegation to participate in the Taiwan Society of Vascular Surgery invited more than 10 cardiologists, According to the Society’s Secretary-General, Lin Chia-hsun, running a race can promote good health. However, improper running can lead to unexpected injuries. Therefore, in addition to having a consultation station on site, a running doctor will be set up to run the team at a pace. Chloe Bags Replica

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Not satisfied with running friends Four years ago my first marathon 10KM running in hot weather 7/12 breakfast did not eat and did not practice running and stay up late ? still ran in their own hometown 8 km suddenly collapsed awakened personnel! Severe heat stroke, heat stroke, rhabdomyolysis was worse than sunstroke. I told the media at the time: “Hong Chung-chiu, http://www.replica-cn.com the same person” woke up in the hospital at that time? Completely do not know, a blank mind… Can not remember their own name? Body full of ice wet nurse said cold to say: I totally did not feel! Woke up for a long time before memories remembered…

ONCE Lounge and Ballroom hosts everything from experimental rock to brass bands in two rooms that twinkle with time warped elegance, replete with old mirrored balls.The idea for a dedicated local skatepark first occurred to Nancy Schon when she found that kids were getting in trouble for skateboarding around her Copley Square sculpture Tortoise and Hare. That was more than a decade ago. In November, her partners (including the Charles River Conservancy, the Lynch Foundation, and the shoe company Vans) finally completed their slow but steady race to build the Lynch Family Skatepark in East Cambridge.