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Hermes Bags Replica Column of the Abbeys
(January-April 1910)

The Akoués submitted, the Commander Nogues against the On his arrival in Toumodi on the 10th, Commander Nogues confirmed his predictions: the Abbeys insurgents destroyed, in about twenty points, the railroad, massacred the foreign natives and the travelers of a descending train; Agboville is urgent Police guards who are able to walk are ordered to join Agboville by following the railway line (42 kilometers). Sergeant Diallo of the 1st Senegalese The two groups of tirailleurs, very tired by their forced march, win Agboville in two
Agboville is cleared: The railroad, destroyed in several points, was littered with corpses: travelers, dioulas, workLeurs From the way to
Until the arrival of the column the facts had succeeded one another in the following order:

The Indigenous Clerc, who knows the Abbeys and speaks to them
The events that follow have, by their character and their suddenness, surprised all The We knew for a long time that Abbeys, wild, savage, at the last level of humanity, who refused, although close to the path of To come and see him, who were indulging in the primitive and nomadic life of the hunter, who did not pay the tax until then, disposed to oppose by force the penetration of their own. It is possible that the withdrawal, to wear it on Osrou, detachment Boudet, at the moment where he was going to undertake the penetration of the abbey country, hired the natives to pass abruptly from the expectant defensive to the fact that the rebels were urged by the Finally, they were certainly incited to revolt by EXCERPTS FROM Pacification of the Ivory Coast: 1908-1915, Methods and Results
, Gabriel Angoulvant. Hermes Bags Replica

Hermes Birkin Replica 28 and Feb. 1. Police are investigating to see if any retailer has video footage of the culprit. The UFNG IN MISSION

The UFNG’s ” commando ” headed by President Ibo Appoline made the trip last Saturday to Aboisso, as part of her return to the program. Back in politics, a mission to raise awareness and explain the entire territory regarding the need to reform the CIS was dropped to women by Vice President Paul Arnaud In turn, women have their will and determination to carry out this mission.
Among the guests were Paul Bohui Arnaud and Dagnogo Aboubakar (respectively 1st & 7th Vice-President of the party), and the Secretary General Denis
#BâtisseursUNG. Hermes Birkin Replica

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