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Sunday is Wings for life global road run, I do not know how prepared? Is it intended to break the previously closed mileage? Or is it going to greet the Terminator with a feeling of anticipation and fear? No matter what, I hope you can enjoy this “global ? start” experience. This time I and @ Ko Shang Ming, leading the 545 train is to 5:45 per kilometer forward speed, if you are interested, you can click the link below, of course, you can also look at other flights.

car trips each table please:
This time, I will prepare a badge as a small gift, if I encountered near the beginning welcome to find me a Hello ^^

# WingsForLifeWorldRun
# BijiPacer # BeatYesterday. Replica Chloe Bags

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Bags Chloe Replica Just turned the historical information, the original I was in June 30, 2015, it has been exposed to the first run, then do not understand anything, wearing a pair of shoes that are running shoes with sportswear, a simple warm-up, it began Running up! At that time less than 500 meters, my heart was cursed, how would someone like it, so asthmatic and so tired of the movement ah! I remember only a few laps did not run again!

Oddly enough, though ran curse, but on the third day own and run up to the playground, they are still ran dry Qiao! Why do I have to run this exhausted people’s exercise, while running curse also finished ten laps! Intermittent ran a few times no longer ran.

After 2017, her husband a soldier friend, was looking for his teammates marathon relay race, bite the bullet and promised himself! February 13, 2017, began to practice independently, but that not only did not run well, but he went to the injured, only five kilometers, with a foot injury, but left more than two hours before they go home! At that time, I was so unwilling, greedy and did not understand how to run. High Quality Chloe Replica It is too underestimate this run! Began to swear, must not become injured runners

friends see me http://www.replica-cn.com today, say how you lost so much! I am very happy to say that because I ran for eight months running, but also one of my own stumble, went to the injured over, no one taught me to run, is learning from mistakes, talked a lot, and finally I told him, Tired running, do not run, once you run, you will want to break it and challenge it!

morning run today, in fact, the mood is not very good, but the finish will always receive, you run Friends of moral encouragement, their own if they bring the spirit to face life with work all sorts of disappointments Bags Chloe Replica.